Carrion Crown

A Day of Disasters

After a night’s rest in the mansion, the party regroups for a second foray into the museum wing. They once again use a flying Crunch to ferry them across the trapped bridge and resume their search. Continuing downward from the mummy’s chamber, they discover a basement room connected to the main museum structure by a spiral staircase. This room contains a blind golem and six homunculi that act as its eyes, but they are dormant, due to the alarm spell on the main museum door being safely deactivated. However, when the group attempts to search the room, the golem wakes. It proves to be a fairly simple encounter, since the party is able to pin it in the stairway.

Searching the room, the group uncovers three blacked-out glass jars. When the first is opened, it releases a cloud of spores, seriously sickening several of the party. The members of the group with healthy constitutions decide that they need to know what is in the others, so they head to a separate room to open them. Those jars contain a preserved sea hag head and a basirond fungus, but successful saves allow them to be sealed again with no difficulty.

The group begins searching the museum, finding countless preserved specimens of strange beasts but nothing of value. In attempting to explore the upper levels of the museum, however, they do trigger an acid fog trap, further injuring the group.

Satisfied that the museum has been cleared they proceed to the dangerous path between the museum and the strange spire at the top of the cliff. Negrodamus uses fly to get himself to the top, leaving the others to climb. Most make it with no real difficulty (after removing their armor to be hauled up later) but Block is unable to manage, and ends up plummeting 150 feet to his death in the river below.



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