Carrion Crown

Atop the Iron Spire

The party ends up camping for two nights at the base of the spire, so that they can recover from the ability damage the leeches, acid, and fungus caused in the previous days.

At the end of those nights they come to a decision – they will “Crunch-fly” up to the uppermost level of the spire and work their way down. They do so, landing on the third level of a series of iron platforms atop the spire. On the roof with them is a strange machine consisting of strange tubes and chambers connected to a large lightning rod and adorned with numerous levers. Seeing that the tower below appears to be closed off by an irising access hatch of some kind, Il-kor begins experimenting with the levers.

The machine eventually jolts to life, and a series of lightning bolts crash down around the players as the hatch below opens, revealing a huge construct of some kind below – a beast comprised of multiple claws and tentacles. Through the machine, Il-kor feels the presence of the Beast of Lepidstadt, working his way up the cliff face.

A heated battle ensues, with the party attempting to stall the construct until the Beast can reach them. When he arrives, Viktor uses a vial of adamantine weapon blanch from Vorkstag’s to allow the Beast’s weapon to do full damage to the thing. The Beast wins, but is nearly destroyed in the process.



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