Carrion Crown

Bridge to the Museum Wing

The bridge from the lab to the next building, apparently destroyed by the explosion that damaged the building in the past, has been replaced by a treacherous rope bridge. Crunch attempts to cross, but a close call after he slips quickly forces the party to reconsider. They decide instead that they will cross by having Negrodamus cast fly on Crunch, and having him ferry the group across with his superior strength.

During the flight, Mike notices runes etched into a board in the center of the bridge, which he believes to be some type of summoning trap.

On the far side, Il-kor disarms an alarm trap on the door, and they proceed inside. The building appears to be home to Caromarc’s collection of preserved oddities, and the group find themselves surrounded by strange taxidermied creatures. Negrodamus casts detect magic, telling the group that the northern room has a small magical aura somewhere within.

They head that way, into a room decorated with more preserved figures, which features two sarcophagi propped against the eastern and western walls. The magic appears to be contained within the western one. Il-kor checks the eastern one, which is not only empty but poorly made. The group then pries open the western one, only to be attacked by a mummy. As the group battles the mummy, backing away as they do to avoid its cursed touch, the eastern sarcophagus animates, revealing itself as a mimic in disguise. It manages to grapple Mike, but he keeps one hand free to keep damaging it as it constricts him. The others finish off the mummy, then come to his aid, killing the mimic and freeing him from its grasp. The mummy’s treasure proves to be a ring of the ram.

Wounded after the two battles and low on magic, the group crosses back to the manor house the same way they came, with Negrodamus once again enchanting Crunch so that he can carry them.



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