Carrion Crown

Entrance and Exit

Day 9 cont.
Negrodamus – a wizard dispatched by Professor Lorrimor’s contacts in Lepidstadt – arrives at the estate. He arrives just in time to see Jim storming out the front door. He heads inside and introduces himself to the party members who were at the mansion.

Meanwhile, Jim (who has been smoking more of Gibs’ drugs) arrives at the Temple of Pharasma. Several days ago, Father Grimburrow had admonished him for channeling negative energy within the temple. Angry about it, and high enough not to care about the consequences, Jim begins channeling dark energy inside the temple while exposing himself to the acolytes. Father Grimburrow calls for the sherriff, and Jim is run out of town.

The rest of the group returns to the estate to find Jim gone and Negrodamus waiting in the common room. Introductions are made, and the new arrival is filled in on the situation at Harrowstone, at which point he agrees to aid the party.

Night 9
The night passes uneventfully.



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