Carrion Crown

Freeing the Count

After the battle, the group is surprised to see a tiny homunculus appear on Fagut’s shoulder. The tiny creature directs them to climb downward into the chamber the monstrous construct came from. There they discover Count Alpon Caromarc imprisoned. Upon freeing them, he explains that cultists from the Whispering Way came to his castle a week prior. They imprisoned him, and used the machine atop the tower to force the Beast of Lepidstadt and the tiny homunculus to steal the Seasage Effigy from the University.

He agrees to let the party keep the items they had been looting from the castle, and even agrees to pay for the resurrection of the inquisitor. He does this on the condition that they will follow the cultists into the Shudderwood and avenge what they did to him and his creations.

He writes a letter instructing his bankers in Lepidstadt to release funds for the party, and instructs them to speak with Judge Daramid again before following the cultists, as she will bea able to provide them with further assistance.

Il-kor and Mike, along with one of the count’s golems, recover the body of Block, and the party returns to Lepidstadt.



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