Carrion Crown

Law and Order in Lepidstadt - Part 2

The next day, the group once again splits up. Mike, John, and Fagut stay in town for the trial, while the others Head to the site of the Sanctuary arson. At the courthouse, Barrister Kaple informs them that a cleric of Pharasma has volunteered to defend the Beast as well. After meeting the cleric, they decide that he is fully capable of presenting the day’s evidence, so they head out to follow up leads in town. He proves to be quite capable as he presents the following information gathered by the group.

Karin, the last of the six girls died after the Beast was chased away.

Even if the Beast returned, Karin died in her room with no signs of entry or struggle.

The Beast is incapable of producing tears, and the “laughter” witnessed by the vilagers was in fact his crying over Ellsa’s death.

The bodies of the children supposedly snatched away by the Beast were recovered at the bottom of a hole too small for the Beast to even enter.

The judges continue to respond favorably to the evidence being presented, but the crowd is obviously not happy. They grow increasingly agitated as the trial continues.

Meanwhile, in town, Mike and company meet with Karl, a survivor of the attack who was blinded by the fires. Karl tells them that the last thing he saw before the fire took his eyes was the Beast fleeing the scene. Further inquiry reveals that Vorkstag sometimes visited the asylum to do business with its head physician, Doctor Brada. Karl knows they supplied chemicals for Brada’s experiments but knows nothing else about them. The group returns to the courthouse in the afternoon, where Barrister Kaple tells them about the day’s proceedings. He is concerned about the reactions of the townsfolk and fears that they may try to take justice into their own hands. He asks them to stay at the courthouse that night.



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