Carrion Crown

Miracle at the Manor Gate

As the clerics of the party debate what can be done about their fallen comrade, the others interrogate the group of goblins the trolls were keeping as slaves. They learn that the trolls were trying to raid the mansion but were kept at bay by the golem hound which guards the first bridge. They allow the goblins to leave, and one of them hands the wizard a talisman they found at the gatehouse, which he recognizes as a symbol of the Whispering Way.

The clerics agree that they do not have the means to resurrect Fagut. They each begin praying, consulting their gods (in the form of the GM) for any possible solution. Their gods grant them a one-time boon, allowing them to attempt a raise dead ritual, in exchange for the expenditure of all their daily magic (plus 3 hero points). They begin the ritual, while the others search the gatehouse.

The group decides to camp at the gatehouse for the night to allow time for the ritual, which concludes successfully a few hours before dawn.



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