Carrion Crown

Mob Justice

After calling some guards to arrest Vorkstag and Grine and collect the evidence, the group returns to the courthouse. As Kaple guessed, a mob of townspeople arrives after nightfall, intending to kill the beast themselves.

The party takes defensive positions and attempts to reason with the mob, but with their ringleaders spurring them on, they attack. A group charges the courthouse doors attempting to break through. Fagut and Crunch are waiting for them as the door falls, and they group is forced back. The ringleaders fire crossbow bolts every time they have a clear shot, and John, who was positioned on the balcony, is badly wounded.

A second group begins a similar assault on the gallery entrance and a third raises ladders to the balcony. John is forced back to the defense chamber stairs, and Block runs up to back him. The gallery group breaks in and reaches the gallery over the courthouse.

Facing heavy losses at ground level, the ringleaders focus their fire on Crunch and Fagut, calling for the others to just burn the building. Although John and Block are pinned in, their attackers follow orders, retreating and setting fires on their way out. The ringleaders escape, as do the remaining mob, since the party is busy fighting fires.

Shortly after the fires are contained the local militia arrives, which prevents the mob from regrouping for a second attempt.



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