Carrion Crown

Return to Harrowstone

Night 7
Night passes uneventfully.

Day 8
Several of the party (Viktor, Crunch, Solemn, Il-kor, Block, and John) set out to continue their exploration of Harrowstone. Upon entering they immediately return to the room with the hole in the floor to pick up where they left off. They enter the room to the north of it and discover a large iron furnace. The furnace proves to be haunted, and a battle ensues. Crunch is nearly downed, but the party quickly uses several vials of holy water to subdue the spirit.

Inside the furnace, Solemn discovers some human remains. Viktor suggests that the bones be brought to the temple for a proper burial, in the hopes that that will put the spirit to rest for good.

The party also begins exploration of the western half of the first floor. In two rooms animated restraints attack the PCs, but they prove more of an annoyance than a true threat. Another room contains animated branding irons which give Solemn a rather severe burn, but then cease moving.

While exploring the prison infirmary, John and Block are attacked by a poltergeist, but Block’s undead-disrupting spells overwhelm the spirit before too much damage is done. Simultaneously, Solemn is attacked by a group of large spiders that had made their nest in the prison’s chapel. He suffers minor damage from their poisonous fangs, but between the supplies found in the infirmary, and a few potions found in the chapel, the damage is quickly healed.

In a workshop on the first level, the PCs encounter a ghostly woman who turns out to be Vesorianna Hawkren, the wife of the former warden. She explains that her husband’s spirit had been keeping the prisoners’ ghosts in line, but that a group of “robed figures who spoke only in whispers” came and used some sort of ritual to capture the warden’s essence and take him away.

She has been attempting to fill his role, but she has no symbol of office, and the five worst prisoners are quickly growing in power beyond her ability to subdue them. She asks the PCs to subdue the Lopper, Father Charlatan, the Splatter Man, the Mosswater Marauder, and the Piper of Illmarsh, and to locate her husband’s badge. With those tasks done, she believes she can quiet the remaining Harrowstone spirits and protect the town.

She provides the players with the layouts of the two above-ground floors, and tells them she believes the Piper and Father Charlatan to be upstairs, but explains that since her spirit is trapped in the workshop and she never visited the lower levels in life, she cannot aid them there.

The PCs leave her and make an attempt to enter the last room on the main floor (the property room) but are unable to bypass the locks. Knowing that they are likely to encounter some of their main foes upstairs, they decide to return to town and come back the next day fully rested and ready for combat.



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