Carrion Crown


The group reaches Lepidstadt in a matter of hours and heads to the Daramid estate, where the rest of their group were waiting. They explain the situation at the gatehouse, receive healing from Viktor and Phoenix, and then turn in for the night.

The next day they do some shopping to prepare for the battle ahead, stocking up on flasks of oil and alchemist’s fire. When they are convinced that they have enough firepower to overwhelm the trolls, they ride back to Schloss Caromarc. The trolls, apparently convinced that the adventurers would be too scared to return, are not very vigilant, so the group manages to approach without taking fire from the crossbow-wielding leader.

A huge battle ensues on the lower level of the gatehouse, with the party using weapons wrapped in burning oil rags to keep the trolls from regenerating. Fagut heads to the upper level in order to set up a flanking position, but is met at the rear stairs by the trolls’s commander, Grork. As his allies below finish off the weakened and burning trolls, Fagut duels the leader. He is nearly victorious but a lucky series of attacks gets through and he falls from the battlements. Concerned for their downed ally, Phoenix and Block rush upstairs and quickly dispatch Grork with a flurry of attacks.

Their victory proves somewhat hollow, as it appears that Fagut’s wounds are beyond healing.



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