Carrion Crown

Savage Guardians

Upon reaching Schloss Caromarc, the group discovers that the gatehouse has been occupied by a group of trolls. They manage to subdue the troll-hounds at the gate, but have no means to prevent their regeneration so they settle for tossing the unconscious hounds from the cliff. However, while they do this they com under attack by trolls on the battlements, who rain down heavy stones and crossbow bolts. Attempting to break line of sight, Fagut and Mike rush forward, but two of the trolls run downstairs to meet them. A hard battle ensues, and both of them fall. Il-kor throws a smokestick for concealment and pulls them to safety.

Satisfied that the “intruders” have been dissuaded, the trolls allow the group to flee, laughing and hurling insults as the group retreats.



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