Carrion Crown

The Funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor

The players, all of whom share some association with Prof Lorrimor, recieve an official-looking letter in the mail. It states that the Professor has passed away, and that each of them has been named as beneficiaries in his will. To claim their inheritance, they journey to Ravengro, a small farming village in the Canterwall province of Ustalav.

Day 1
When they reach Ravengro, they are directed to the Restlands, the cemetery north of town, where the funeral is about to begin.At the gate of the Restlands, they find the Professor’s daughter Kendra and several well dressed townsfolk anxiously waiting by the coffin. Kendra explains that the pallbearers the professor named never arrived and asks the PCs to fill in. They accept, along with one moderately dressed gentleman.

The procession proceeds into the cemetery, but as they round a curve, a group of drunken thugs armed with farm implements steps from behind a crypt. The thugs accuse the Professor of necromancy, and demand that he be buried elsewhere. Kendra, Viktor, and Il-kor attempt to talk them down but they appear too drunk to back down. The players position themselves to guard Kendra and the coffin as the thugs charge.

A quick but brutal melee ensues, as the PCs far outmatch their opponents. Within a few seconds, one thug lies dead and 3 others injured. The remaining thugs, their resolve broken, drag their surviving friends up and quickly flee.

The procession, though shaken, continues to the grave site, where Father Grimburrow delivers a short message. Kendra shares some fond memories of her father, then invites anyone else to do the same. Nervous from the attack, everyone declines. The coffin is lowered, then Kendra invites the PCs back to the estate for the reading of the will.



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