Carrion Crown

The Marauder and the Maiden

Day 14
The party returns to the dungeons beneath Harrowstone, and proceeds into the western wing. While searching the guard barracks in that wing they are attacked by the Mosswater Marauder, along with three screaming skulls. The skulls’s screams cause some of the party to be shaken, while their slam attacks deal minor damage. The Marauder himself swings his hammer for Solemn’s head and connects, causing a ghostly skull fragment to fly out and animate into a fourth skull. The party forms a defensive line to minimize the damage done by the skulls, but the Marauder continually teleports around the room, next hitting Negrodamus with the hammer. Eventually the skulls are all destroyed, whereupon the Marauder vanishes.

The part continues through the western cellblock, finding nothing of value until they reach a room containing many implements of torture. They fan out to search the room, when Il-kor spots something strange. The iron maiden in the corner is swinging open to reveal Kendra Lorimoor trapped inside. He rushes to save her, only to realize too late that it was merely an illusion. The iron maiden closes on him and he is pierced by countless spikes.

At the same time, several severed hands begin crawling out from among the chains and debris to attack the group. The hands are dealt with rather quickly, but Il-kor remains trapped during the battle. When the group frees him, he appears pale as if from blood loss, but no wounds are visible, as the iron maiden appears to have no remaining spikes. In the torture room, the group finds the body of Warden Hawkren on the rack. They take his keys and badge. They still can find no way past the gate of the Splatter Man’s chambers however, so they return the badge to Vesorianna, then make camp for the night to plan their next day.

Night 14
Nothing interrupts the PCs as they sleep.



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