Carrion Crown

Travel Preparations

Since Caromarc informed them that the cultists were headed for the Shudderwood, he proposes Ascanor Lodge as a likely stop for them, and one that would be worth investigating. He advises the group to speak to Judge Daramid to secure invitations to the exclusive lodge.

Once in Lepidstadt, Block’s body is left at the temple of Desna for resurrection. The others proceed to prepare for the upcoming journey. They sell excess gear and outfit themselves further with magical items. They secure a sealed invitation to Ascanor Lodge from Judge Daramid. They also locate a local Pathfinder Society chapter-house in order to gather information on the lodge.

Il-kor asks Stephen, the local Venture-Captain, about the lodge and states that the party might be interested in joining the Society if there are openings. Stephen informs them of the Lodge’s history, and three murders that have taken place there over the decades, supposedly by a ghost. He tells Il-kor that if the party can discover the story behind the Ascanor Lodge murders, he will try to arrange for their induction into the Society.

By morning, Block is alive once more (though missing an eye) and the group is better armed, both with weapons and with knowledge. They hire a local man to drive their supply wagon, and then set out for Ascanor.



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