Carrion Crown

Why Swarms Are Bad

At the top of the cliff, and still in shock from the death of the inquisitor, the party find themselves facing a strange structure consisting of five towers and interconnecting corridors. However, the iron door leading inside appears to be stuck. It has no evident lock, and even Crunch is unable to budge it. Il-kor decides to use a high-powered blast from the ring of the ram, and that successfully forces the door open. A flood of water comes out, filling the recessed area around the door to knee height. Apparently, the water pressure was holding the door shut.

Wading slowly inside the party find themselves at a fork, with the corridor branching towards the southwestern and southeastern towers. They turn to the southwestern branch, but as they proceed, Il-kor triggers a pit trap beneath the water, releasing two swarms of leeches. Against so many tiny targets, their weapons prove useless and they are forced to retreat. (OOC Note: The wizard had gone home.)

Frustrated, but not daring to try the cliff path again, the party makes camp at the base of the spire.



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