Tag: Lepidstadt


  • Judge Embreth Daramid

    Though sworn to judge the case only by the facts presented, Judge Daramid believes the Beast is innocent, and has hired the group to prove that, while keeping her name out of it. She is also the person who paid the party what they were owed from the …

  • Professor Montagnie Crowl

    Professor Crowl was the one responsible for the study of the Seasage Effigy, and the one who performed the inventory of the wreckage along with Negrodamus after the Beast broke into the University workshop. He was one of Negrodamus's professors when he …

  • Lazne

    Lazne was the chief witness for the prosecution regarding the Beast's attacks on the swampers in Morast.

  • Master Vorkstag

    Vorkstag, along with his partner Grine, run an alchemical supply house in the southern part of Lepidstadt. They supply assorted chemical to alchemists as well as performing some alchemy services such as the preservation of tissue specimens for study at …

  • Barrister Gustav Kaple

    Overworked and underpaid, Gustav Kaple is a mess. He appears to be completely over his head with the job of Chief Defender, and is extremely glad to have a team of volunteers come along to save him from what was sure to be an embarrassing failure.

  • Prosecutor Otto Heiger

    Known for his impressive win percentage, Otto Heiger is a formidable prosecutor. He knows the law well, and is willing to use some questionable tactics to win. He appears to be using the public's distrust of non-humans in an attempt to force the judges …