Carrion Crown

Arrival in Lepidstadt

The party spends the night in a tiny little inn in Cortaud, then sets out with The Crooked Kin’s caravan the next morning. During the journey, Negrodamus befriends Prince Zar, the Human Caterpillar – a dark-skinned man with no arms or legs. The journey takes most of the day, and just as night falls, the caravan arrives at the gates of Lepidstadt. Kaleb steps forward and converses briefly with the guards, then informs the group that they are free to enter the city. He and his caravan will be setting up their show just outside the gates.

Realizing that the city may be largely closing down for the night, the group quickly gets directions to Embreth Daramid’s house. She accepts the one book promised to her by the will, and directs the group to deliver the rest to Prof. Montagnie Crowl at the University.

A few of them head to the University, where they are directed to Prof. Crowl’s office in the library. On their way, they notice that the University’s workshops have been ransacked, and that guards are posted outside. They meet with Professor Crowl and deliver the books, inquiring about the workshop break-in. He explains to them that the infamous Beast of Lepidstadt destroyed the workshop, but thankfully was captured by the town guard as it attempted to flee. Since the Beast has been responsible for countless crimes, it is being put on trial in two days, after which it will likely be put to death by burning.

Most of the group return to the Daramid house to receive their payment, but Negrodamus stays for a while to chat with his old professor, and volunteers to help inventory the lost or destroyed items in the workshop.



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