Carrion Crown

Into the Manor

Among the debris in the gatehouse, the group finds a tattered tunic bearing the coat of arms of House Caromarc. After a mending spell from Viktor, the tunic is serviceable, and the group decides that Il-kor should wear it, hopefully convincing the hound ahead that they are visitors in the company of a guard. The plan succeeds, and they are allowed to pass.

Inside they find a magnificently appointed manor, tended by a group of unseen servants. However they find no sign that the manor has been recently used. They agree that the Whispering Way may be responsible for Caromarc’s absence, so after searching the manor for useful items, a few of the group head to the next building to continue the search.

The next building turns out to be an abandoned alchemy lab, damaged by some type of explosion. Within the building they encounter a trio of rust monsters. Il-kor loses a sword to the monsters’ corrosive touch, but the monsters are quickly slain by Crunch’s club and Negrodamus’s fireball. The blast tears away a section of floor, however, and the group discovers that the rust monsters have weakened the buildings supports. They proceed to tiptoe carefully from that point.



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