Carrion Crown

Investigations in Morast

The group retires for the night, and in the morning heads out on their investigations. Negrodamus, believing that the relic missing from the University may be important, stays behind to do research. The others head for the small village of Morast, an hour outside Lepidstadt.

In Morast, the group meet with the village elder, a grouchy man named Lazne. They speak to him about the crimes and he explains what he saw. Over the course of several weeks, people who were alone fishing in the swamps would just go missing. Soon the learned the cause, as the Beast apparently grew bolder, now beginning to attack people in their homes. Unwilling to abandoned their livelihoods, the villagers set traps for the Beast and took it by surprise when it entered town one night. They chased it out into the swamp, down toward the local boneyard. They had nearly caught up to it when it was attacked by a blood caiman, an alligator-like beast which had been lurking beneath the water. The Beast suffered terrible wounds to its shoulder and was dragged under. The people of Morast believed the Beast to be dead until they heard the news of its capture in Lepidstadt.

The group asks if they can borrow boats to go investigate. Lazne, who plans on testifying against the Beast isn’t too happy to have its defenders around, so he charges them 5 gold per boat.

They head into the swamp, ultimately finding their way to a small island ringed by trees. The island is home to multiple mounds of earth with crude markers. The group spreads out to search, when suddenly hear rustling in the trees nearby.



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