Carrion Crown

Law and Order in Lepidstadt - Part 1

The party returns to Lepidstadt by late afternoon. Mike begins his attempts to trace the tools, first identifying the maker’s mark as that of Zbraslav Hora, then learning from Mr. Hora that the tools were bought by a young woman, then tracing that woman by description to the auction house for which she purchased the tools. Negrodamus concludes his investigation at the library, convinced that none of their records contain even a veiled reference to the Seasage Effigy. The group meets with Kaple to discuss the plans for the first day of testimony. When their plan is in place the group retires for the night.

The trial begins at 10am the next day. A large crowd has gathered, jeering the Beast and its defense team as they take their places. The group begins to present their evidence:

The strange vial found at the scene was an extract of darkvision. Why would a flesh golem, who already has darkvision, need that?

If the Beast was attacked by a blood caiman and nearly killed, why does he have no scars from such an attack?

Why was there no mention by the people of Morast of robbed graves?

Since the face (identified by Lazne as a poacher named Nan) was removed with precision, could the Beast have managed it?

Whose footprints were those, and why did they change size?

The prosecutor, Otto Heiger, attempts to discredit as much of the group’s evidence as possible – proposing that much of what was found could have been left in the year since the crime. He also attempts to paint the group as a bunch of non-humans who would say anything to prove that a “monster” could be innocent.

The crowd seems to favor Heiger’s xenophobic rhetoric, but the judges appear to be considering the groups findings rather strongly. Since there is no further testimony regarding Morast, court adjourns at around 230pm. The group makes a plan for the investigation of Hergstag, the next crime to be presented. Mike will stay in town to continue tracing the tools, since the group believes that the owner may be the real killer. He will also interview the refugees from now-abandoned Hergstag who relocated to Lepidstadt, to learn their version of events. The rest will set out immediately for the village, which is 2 hours away.



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