Carrion Crown

The Barrister and the Beast

At the courthouse, the group meets with Barrister Gustav Kaple, who is in charge of the Beast’s defense. He welcomes the group, explaining that no one has been willing to aid in defending the Beast and as a result, he has no evidence to work with.

He tells them that the trial, set to begin in two days, will cover three specific crimes from among many the Beast is suspected of – the murders of several villagers in the swamp village of Morast, the abduction and murder of six children from the village of Hergstag, and the arson of the Sanctuary Asylum on Karb Isle. Each crime will have one day of testimony devoted to it, and at the end of the three-day trial the judges will rule.

Kaple leads the group into the dungeon level of the courthouse and they meet their new client, the infamous “Beast of Lepidstadt.” Standing over 8 feet tall, he appears to be stitched together from spare body parts. Negrodamus recognizes him as a flesh golem. Speaking with the Beast, the party realizes that he possesses basic intelligence, rather than being mindless as most constructs are. He denies any part in the crimes of which he is accused, and cannot explain how he came to be in the dungeons, remembering nothing of the University break-in.

At this point, Kaple urges the group to begin collecting any evidence that they can find to assist in the defense – to travel to the scenes of the crimes and investigate.



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