Carrion Crown

The Judge's Suspicions

After Embreth Daramid pays the party what they are owed for the safe delivery of Prof. Lorrimor’s collection, she asks if they are staying in town for the trial. They are unsure, so she explains the situation. The Beast of Lepidstadt has been the resident “boogeyman” for the Vieland region for years, apparently responsible for countless terrible crimes. It has finally been captured, fleeing from the scene of the break-in at the University. It is being put on trial in two days, however she is not convinced of its guilt.

Judge Daramid (as she explains, she is one of the three judges for the trial) believes that the Beast is not the savage monster it has been portrayed as, and that someone is using the Beast’s reputation to cover their own crimes. However, as a judge, she is bound to rule only on the evidence presented and she has none to back up her suspicions. She offers another 100 platinum pieces if the party can investigate the matter and act as defenders for the Beast at trial, while keeping her out of it.

They accept and are instructed to meet with Barrister Gustav Kaple at the courthouse.

Meanwhile, Negrodamus finishes his inventory of the ransacked workshop. Apparently, while many things are damaged, only one item is missing entirely – a relic known as the Seasage Effigy. The relic had only recently been purchased by the University, and while it was known to be magical, its properties had not yet been identified. A search of the grounds reveals nothing, so Negrodamus meets up with the group at the estate, and they head to the courthouse.



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