Carrion Crown

Town Hall Disaster

Day 15 cont.
As the PCs approach Ravengro they see a large pillar of smoke. Hurrying into town they find a scene of chaos in the town square. Apparently, the town meeting was interrupted by an attack by several flaming skulls. The sheriff and his men managed to defeat the things, but the resulting fire caused several deaths and the loss of the town hall and its library.

Among the dead is Gibs Hephenus, the local drug dealer. In talking to the town council, the group learns that Gibs was the one responsible for the vandalized memorial, and that the attack by the skulls occurred just before the council was prepared to issue a formal arrest order.

The council urges the group to do whatever is necessary to prevent further attacks, at which point the party explains they they have just returned from defeating the last of the Harrowstone ghosts, and that the town hall attack was likely just one final desperate attack. They agree that if any further trouble arises during the remainder of their stay that they will investigate. With things seeming wrapped up, the party retires to the estate.

Night 15
Nothing happens.



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